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Welcome to the website of Moko BV your partner in used / pre owned semiconductor assembly equipment. Moko is founded in 2004 in the Netherlands as a trading company for used semiconductor equipment specialized in FICO Molding and Trim&Form equipment.

Moko is the only non end-user who gets full support from Fico on software and parts.
Moko can convert the Fico AMS-36M and Fico AMS-I molding systems from BGA substrates to lead-frame, or the other way around; stack off-loaders can be replaced by slotted off-loaders and vice versa. Mold and board vacuum can be added. All Software modifications and upgrades related to conversions on afore mentioned equipment are fully supported by Fico! This ensures efficient and reliable upgrade, installation and start-up of your equipment.

The majority of the equipment Moko has for sale is 100% owned by Moko and we always have Fico AMS-36M2 and Fico AMS-I molding systems on stock. This makes it possible for a customer to select on short term the right equipment needed. After selecting the exact Fico molding system we can fully refurbish and adjust the Fico molding equipment to your product requirements. Subsequently we offer on-site installation, training and service. To support the customer in maintaining a flexibility production volume all Moko equipment can be bought with a buy-back guarantee, rented or leased.

Over the years Moko has established a good Global network of engineers, designers, manufacturers and brokers and with our partner companies in Malaysia, the Philippines and Russia we can give worldwide support and service on the Fico molding systems..

Beside complete systems Moko can supply system spare parts for Fico molding and Trim&form systems. We have a large stock of parts which might be obsolete at the OEM.
Not all our spareparts are listed, please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry

All Spareparts come with warranty

Please contact us if you have an inquiry or if you have parts for sale for these Fico molding systems:


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